of biological systems to advance the technical maturity of sustainable supply chains
How it works
Penelope Mimetics partners with manufacturers and large chemical companies. We invent, develop, license, and sell the intellectual property that is used to produce more environmentally-friendly polymers that provide improved performance characteristics when compared to their petroleum-based counterparts.
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    Your company provides the design specifications and requirements and we collaborate to define your project's scope.

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    Together, we assess the core competencies required to design and develop your project and if there is a fit, we assemble a multidisciplinary, customized team to address your project's scope.

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    Together, within the context of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or a Joint Development Agreement (JDA), we co-develop and test a scalable technical pathway to address your sustainably-sourced, product development needs.

We provide research and development services that are augmented by new tools.

  • Our design-focused, iterative, and agile research and development business model places the research scientist at the center of the digital lab.
  • With these new tools, we predict and demonstrate material performance that enables chemical companies and manufacturers to stay ahead of the technological curve.

The petrochemical industry’s technologies are fully developed, and it is difficult to compete with their pricing. However, cost-competitive materials can be produced using biological closed-loop systems. If your company is committed to making a long-term investment in sustainability, new material efficiencies will need to be optimized-- we can help.

Biosynthetic Solutions
Penelope Mimetics is a research and development partner focused on the engineering of improved biological systems for the purposes of advancing the technical maturity of sustainable supply chains.

Our collaborative infrastructure for research and development uses the tools of synthetic biology to create new monomers and functionalized biosynthetic polymers, additives and treatments for new types of sustainably-derived materials.

We partner with manufacturers, brands, non-profits, and universities in a collaborative process to develop synthetic biology solutions that address industry pain-points related to the growing demand for the safe and efficient use of energy and natural resources as well as the responsible delivery of new industrial products that protect human and environmental health.

We are focused on customer needs in the gradual transition from petroleum-based chemistry manufacturing to industrial biology over the next five to ten years. We believe that the industrialization of biology for chemical manufacturing can best be achieved via partnerships between multiple stakeholders.

We offer business and technical development services for established chemical companies, manufacturers, brands and startups. We provide consulting services for concept evaluation, customer discovery, process validation as well as new product design and development.

Business development

We have experience working with B2B consortia and 3rd party certifiers/standards organizations to understand sustainable supply chain requirements as well as product performance needs. We offer chemical market knowledge with access to chemical industry collaborators.

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Technology development

We've assembled a team of research scientists and designers that are situated at the center of the digital lab. We develop frontier technologies with an understanding of the emergent paradigms in advanced materials. 

Recent Projects
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    Active Research & Development  In collaboration with a funding partner, we are developing fermentation processes for natural oil polyols.

    In this project, we are using the tools of synthetic biology to yield efficiencies in the bio-manufacturing of natural-oil polyols, which will enable the development new types of functional bio-derived polyurethanes. 

    From a business development perspective, we are exploring partnerships to develop polyurethanes for specialty foams with functional characteristics.

Redefining Manufacturing:
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